Hyundai’s Dream Team is Chosen Based on the Santa Fe “Team” Commercial

By Tim Levin

Google Images


February 12, 2013

If you were watching the Super Bowl, chances are you saw the Hyundai Santa Fe “Team” commercial which touts the Santa Fe’s ability to seat seven passengers. If you have not seen it, I will briefly explain. A kid playing in the park is picked on and has his football stolen by a group of bullies much bigger than him. When the kid begs for his ball back, one of the bullies replies, “Come back when you have a team.” The kid replies back with a simple okay and the scene cuts to him and his mother picking up his friends in the new 2013 Santa Fe.

The kids friends proved to be an impressive bunch of young legends. Included in his group of friends were a bear wrestler, a welder, weight lifting twins, and a heroic little man pulling a grown man from a fire. The commercial ends with the bully getting pelted by a football and getting blown away in the process. I decided to choose the Hyundai version of this dream team by using Hyundai models. Here is my Dream Team, enjoy!

The Muscle – The muscle is the one that provides power and strength. You have to give this to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The Genesis Coupe is now considered a muscle coupe like the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang. The 274 hp engine of the Genesis Coupe offers a sharp throttle and enough power for track driving. The Genesis has enough power to impress and an extremely quick 0 to 60 mph time.

The Athlete – The athlete of the Hyundai’s will go to the 2013 Veloster Turbo. The Veloster Turbo has a sport-tuned suspension, and revised steering and brakes for those “athletic” maneuvers the car may need to make. Offering a sporty look and a very different three door setup, the Veloster is just screaming athletic. And with the turbocharged engine in this bad boy, you may not only own the most “athletic “ Hyundai, but the most athletic car on your block.

The Brain – The Brain of the team should involve class, a sharp look, and intelligence as well. Those descriptions define none other than the Hyundai Equus. The Equus has made a name for itself as a luxury car that can be hang with Mercedes Benz S Class’ and BMW 7 Series’. The brains of this car come from the impressive navigation system, rearview camera, and adaptive cruise control. You may not be the smartest one in the group, but you sure will feel like it in the Hyundai Equus.

The Leader – Choosing the leader was a tough one. But when I think of who the leader was in my life growing up, it was my parents, especially Mom. My Mom always had the SUV to transport all of us to and from events, so I chose the three-row Santa Fe as my pick for the leader. It has a wonderful 33 mpg highway,  which is great for an SUV. The new 2013 Santa Fe can fit seven passengers, which can get any Mom out there excited for it. However, don’t think this is just a mommy car, this Santa Fe dons a stylish and sporty look as well.

The Reliable One – The reliable one is one you can depend on, and one you can count on to help you. The reliable one when it comes to Hyundai is the Elantra. This car has an estimated 39 mpg highway which you can rely on to save you gas money, and get you to where you need to go. This sleek looking compact car beat the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic out for the North American Car of the Year. You can also rely on the Elantra for keeping you safe with side airbags and active head restraints.



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