Your Car: The Most Dangerous Place for Secondhand Smoke In Children

By Tim Levin


Smoking In your car is not illegal, and it is a choice that is completely up to the owner of the vehicle. However shortly in the state of Utah, smoking in your car will no longer be your choice. A bill is being advanced further in Utah that would make smoking while driving in the presence of children illegal .

The bill would make smoking in a vehicle with children 15 and under a secondary infraction that could bring a fine of up to $45. I am wondering why this bill has not yet been brought about before, and why only Utah is pushing for this bill. Your car is such a confined area that a child is forced to inhale a large amount of secondhand smoke. I would also hope adults have the common sense to not smoke when driving with their children, but nothing is a given these days.

Safe driving does not just mean operating the car safely or being safe on the road. What you do inside of the car has consequences on your safety as well, and when it comes to smoking with children in the car, their safety is at risk. Just imagine how much secondhand smoke would accumulate inside of a Genesis Coupe or Veloster. It is essentially like “hot-boxing” a child with cigarette smoke, and that is just not right.

Hopefully we see more of these bills popping up. Smoking in public establishments has been banned, and in some places there are not many places in public you can smoke, so I am hoping this bill follows suit. You do not want your child to have any health ailments in the future that were caused by driving while smoking. No one wants to see a 10 year old with smokers cough!


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